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Screen Printing is one of the best methods for producing images in true-to-life color. It can be used to print on a wide variety of substrates, including paper, paperboard, plastics, glass, metals, fabrics, and many other materials. Screen Printing also cost effective when it comes to producing large quantities.

At Boulevard Graphics we use high quality, durable ink for screen printing. This ensures your order will be durable and long lasting. An important characteristic of screen printing is that a greater thickness of the ink can be applied to the substrate than is possible with other printing techniques. Additionally, a wider range of inks and dyes are available for use in screen printing than for use in any other printing process.

The advantage of screenprinting over other print processes is that the press can print on substrates of any shape, thickness and size. Many factors such as composition, size and form, angle, pressure, and speed of the squeegee determine the quality.

If the item was printed on a manual or automatic screen press the printed product will be placed on a conveyor belt which carries the item into the drying oven or through the UV curing system. Rotary screen presses feed the material through the drying or curing system automatically. Air drying of certain inks, though rare in the industry, is still sometimes utilized.



Embroidery is an art of decorating fabric or other materials by stitching designs using thread or yarn and a needle. Sometimes, other materials such as metal strips, precious and semi-precious stones, and sequins are used to add to this decorative stitching technique.

The use of embroidery to decorate clothes has been around since man began to wear clothes. A method of decorating and embellishing clothing, embroidered designs came about as a result of hard work and care. Embroidery as an art form has origins that can be traced far back to the Iron Age.

Embroidered clothing was also considered to be a symbol of wealth. Many scenes from history are often found embroidered onto fabric. Embroidery as an art form has enhanced our civilization, making it more aware of the beauty that can be created with a needle and a thread. Intricate designs and brilliantly colored patterns have infused a beauty of their own onto fabrics, adding to their value and worth.

Today, machine embroidery has grown by leaps and bounds. Computers have added another twist into this sewing technique making the process easier for mass production of embroidered designs. Nowadays, machines are available in the market which can embroider designs for you. Specially designed machines can even read a computerized design and stitch it for you. Great changes in the technology have helped a lot to make embroidery an art that is much easier to do.



Sublimation is a digital printing method for a variety of hard surface products and also includes printing onto polyester t-shirts. Because there is such a huge selection of items that can be printed with sublimation, it is a very attractive printing option.

Sublimation can print on anything that is flat, white or light colored and is either polyester coated or made of polyester fabric. You can also print on mugs, shot glasses and much more.

Sublimation is one of the very few methods you can print full colored images onto hard surfaces and thousands of colors can be produced with sublimation. It also eliminates the need for minimum orders, and is perfect for 1-off items and promotional items for small businesses, schools, charities, sports teams, parties, reunions, and many more!

With all the advantages of sublimation, it’s obvious why sublimation has become a very popular method with digital decorators!


Promotional Items

Promotional items are a great option to show off your brand. These items are not expensive, but they can increase your exposure to the world and bring you more clients. There are a lot of advantages to utilizing promotional items with your company name, logo and contact information on them. The right kind of advertising product can influence the way people and other companies view you.

T-shirts, pens, gadgets, eco-friendly products, mugs, calendars, bags and many other items can be used to promote your brand.These kinds of products have an effective impact due to the nature of the presentation. Promotional items with your logo attract more personal attention as they are more of a conversation piece than an advertising medium.

Promotional items should be integrated with all your marketing efforts.



In the sports world the apparel makes the team. Custom sports apparel is one of the simplest ways to effectively increase the confidence of your players, improve your team’s morale and psychologically enhance athletic performance. Most athletes would tell you they play their best when they feel good about themselves. One of the easiest ways to boost self-confidence is dressing to impress.

When they know they look sharp in their team gear, you’ll know they look sharp at game time. Custom sports apparel doesn’t just boost your individual players’ self-esteem, but the moral of your team as a whole. With new custom sports apparel, your players won’t just look good; they’ll become more cohesive as a unit. The unifying power of wearing a shared color and logo helps to develop a strong identity and build camaraderie between teammates.

Custom sports apparel goes a long way to helping players feel like they are a part of something bigger — a group, a collective, a family, a team. Whether it’s warm-ups they wear together to meals, hoodies or track jackets worn while traveling or a great looking uniform opponents instantly recognize, custom gear gives your team an identity.

This sense of pride is born from custom sports apparel, it reminds them that they play for more than the name on the back of the jersey, but for the others wearing those colors around them.

A well-dressed, unified team is an intimidating team. When your players look the part of a champion, your opponents will treat them as such.



Vinyl is a great way to promote your business products and sales all over the place. The major advantage of using vinyl is that they can be used in any condition: rain, wind storm, hot weather, etc. Nowadays, vinyl banners are being frequently used by stacks of companies for outdoor advertisement. One of the key elements of vinyl printing is its flexible and lightweight material. This means the vinyl banners can be folded when it is time to move them into another place. They are reasonably priced as compared to other printing mediums.

Vinyl can be used to create a huge impact on your business and marketing plan. Vinyl is the biggest version of posters, and can be used to capture a bigger audience. They are placed above your head so that you can quick look your message from a distance. Vinyl can be used to promote a company’s logo, school events, political campaigns, company trips, team events, store advertisement, restaurant promotion, trade shows, sport events, annual parties, and music concerts.

There are two main properties of vinyl banner: water resistant and fade-resistant. Firstly, vinyl banners are long-lasting because of their water resistant property. Secondly, our printing products are of matchless quality due to fade-resistant property.

If you need a sign that you can use time and time again, vinyl is right for you. In addition, if you need a sign that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications without fear of it being destroyed by wind, rain and snow, a vinyl banner is usually a smart choice.